Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Fighting Draw at the Hawthorns !!!

                         Before the game, had voiced my concern over what happens if Arsenal get a little complacent after the run of form we were having!!! And later read about Flamini explaining what his unfinished business was that he talked off when his transfer had been completed. he talks that he had a greta time with Arsenal before leaving to a different competition, but feels the guilt that he couldn't win the UCL after reaching the finals and also the 07-08 season were Arsenal lead the league for most part before Eduardo's horrific injury played with the mental strength and we subsequently squandered our title.
The game started with Arsenal on the back foot in the flair, that we have in our passing. And credit to West Brom for efficiently nullifying our midfield so easily. The 1st real scare came when a shot deflected off Flamini's arse was heading towards the goal when SZCZ was going the other direction but somehow turned in his stride and pilled off a world class save in the end. Majority of the first half was both teams midfield canceling each other out, while Jack was being fouled left, right and center by the WBA players and while the referee turned a blind eye towards the tackles at Arsenal players their confidence seemed going down with each decision going the other way. The tone of play allowed WBA to dictate play in a manner that was a bit worrying to the fans!!! and WBA soon scored the 1st of the match. The game didn't make Arsenal stand up and start delivering soon but we kept pushing gradually. And who else to score other than Wilshere, with the game he was having  and the constant chants among fans about his recent smoking bout. and a beaut of a volley it was too.
                          The game saw quite a few bookings and a few Arsenal players carrying knocks over the game. While Jenkinson was pretty decent with his track backs; he was clueless against long balls more than often which is a worrying sign for a second right back of a team challenging for the title. The second half fared better for the gunners with Giroud and Ramsey exchanging few quick passes in the WBA third of the field. Bacary's presence was missed so was the tempo that Rossa brings with him. Ozil had another subdued game; he is not taking the game head on for Arsenal like many fans keep thinking. He is more of a contributor than someone like Cesc or too some extent Rossa do when they play they dictate how the whole team works as a unit. The game ended by Ramsey being subbed off for Rossa and Giroud being taken off for TGSTEL (read Bentdner) but he didn't really have enough time to have any meaningful attack.
                         1-1 at the hawthorns isn't a bad result in any means. It was a tough result to achieve given the kind of wins they had recently yet i still feel we didn't take the game by its horns too. Gibbs received his first England senior call up this week, pretty deserving me thinks considering the consistency in his performances. Aaron Ramsey and Arsene Wenger win the Player of the Month and The Manager Of the Month resp. but the best part wold definitely be Arsenal retaining their position on the top of the Table. If you observe the league table even a noob might understand what kind o competitive league this is, rather than the constant media bickering that the league is hyped and the German or the Italian leagues being more competitive. Coming to this weekend the International Break is here and Arsenal fans would be excited and eagerly waiting the return off some very influential players who were out with injury. Also the players carrying knocks will get enough time to charge off their reserve power and start afresh after the break. So until something major happens this week its Adios from moi . 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Unsung Hero and a preview to the WBA game

                     Was a bit too excited to write a blog after the Arsenal victory over Napoli. So here goes a preview to what might come ahead this week.  But first a few appreciation in for the game against Napoli. So the match was of two halves to be fair one in which Arsenal showed their attackin fluidity over the visitors tearing their defense apart with the slick and pacy passing associated with Arsene's sides and in the other half moving towards a resolute defensive performance worthy of any italian side... The team's mental strength and the ability to hold on to a lead showcased yet for another time.
                     Now the transferred in player Ozil has been on song for most o the times he has played but what has made Arsenal a better team is definitely the free signin of Flamini he's been vocal and a leader on field with his quick tackles to break the opposition moves before they develop to any serious threat. On the other hand players like Gibbs and Bacary have been quietly making up solid performances game after game their contribution might be over looked slightly coz of the strategical brilliance of Ramsey and Ozil combining over the weeks. There are times when Ramsey Ozil Flamini and Giroud combine that turns defenders almost impossible to mark just one of them such has been the technical flair in the players.
Flamini trying a #Henrying pose while Giroud looks on

                     The hawthorns visit us now with a senior team that rides high on confidence after defeating a Utd side that has absolutely no clue of whats happenin to them. the question that would be runnin on the back of every gooners mind now would be our run of form that has been so in flow now would be ruined by whom and when. Whether we would bounce back if that happens or develop a  slump in form after that. But judging by the reaction after the Villa game there's not much to worry about any kind of reaction from the gooners. We'll be behind our team eggin them on for another clean sheet maybe. The defender in me just loves it when Arsenal  manage to keep a clean sheet or hold out our lead with a resounding Defensive performance.
                    So plenty to look forward to this month with us still having to play BVB and Chelsea with Norwich and Crystal Palace sandwiched in between. With Cazorla scheduled to return after the international break the prospects look real interesting for Arsenal at the moment. Touchwood for this run not to stop until we win a trophy to hold the players in form at the moment coz sure as hell the oil funded clubs will come calling soon to us for our better players but watchin the team play more as a unit o family than the past few seasons and we gooners can just hope they keep supporting each other until the goal is achieved... And on a closing note this Ramsey edit by a gooner :D #cheers #hic hic !!!